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Have you explored this quiet little place?

When you think about spending a weekend somewhere far off the normal life, beach destinations are very popular. Canso is not something that comes on the top of the list while talking about beaches. It is a quiet little place after all. The community has been known to be one of the most popular fishing bays for ages. In fact, fisheries business flourished here even in the past and that is one main reason that led to the expansion of the settlement here. Besides the strategically important harbor located in this place the Canso islands nearby have made this place a great spot for spending the weekend.


If you love history and if you love the sound of silence, you would definitely love this place.Given that the place has held an important position in history this makes an off-beat option for those who love history. The economy of any nation is impacted severely by the tourist destinations in the country as well as the type of tourists that visit and the seasons of popularity.


Canso might be a small community but it has helped the tourism development with the scenic islands that dot the boundaries. The best part about Canso is that the beaches are quiet. Given that this is not a popular destination it is not expected to be crowded. The crowd you would find here would mostly be the locals and the businessmen traveling with regards to the fisheries businesses and other trades.

There is something for everyone

The islands are not the only spots to explore. Given that it is a historic destination be assured that you can opt for some historic tours. The Whitman House Museum and the Grassy Island Museum are the destinations that are recommended strongly by the locals and the tourists who have been to Canso. The place has a unique calmness that the city dwellers would instantly fall in love with.The Whitman House Museum is a charming little building that has exhibits from the popular Canso harbor. This place has guides to help tourists understand the history of the place in the form of bus tours and more.


From being a popular fishing port on the Canso islands now also stand as a cherished national historic site. Canso islands historic site tours take you to the Grassy islands and other such places of untouched natural beauty. Having established itself in the international trade the region also focuses strongly on encouraging and expanding its tourism culture. So keeping in mind the curiosity of the travelers there are daily tours available. And each day there are multiple trips as well. You can choose from any of the standard tours available or customize your own or explore the region by yourself.

Pleasent weather

The place is blessed with a pleasant weather during most seasons. The Nova Scotia region where Canso is located is known as one of the most popular versatile travel destinations. There are adventure packages family tours and more. Without exploring the Canso harbor and surrounding regions and the Canso islands your Nova Scotia trip would be incomplete. There aren’t too many things to do so you can take your time and spend a lazy weekend on the shores of this beautiful community. It makes a perfect choice for solo tours as well as for family weekend trips.

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